Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cute babies.

It's been a long week. Stephen bit Ethan in the face! Stephen got a huge time out and his puppy taken away for a whole day. Then they both came down with colds, then I got the cold, I had drama at church too, so all in all I was stressed and tired. Then Stephen burned his hand on the stove. Two days later Ethan, still sporting teeth marks (it was a nasty bite), fell and hit his head on the entertainment center! Got one of those goose eggs. SHEESH!

The good news is all of that turned out ok. Face is healing, head is fine, hand is good, colds are almost gone, church thing will be ok.

And look at these babies!!

*my friend Tiph sent me this mold, Stephen LOVES it and wants cupcakes to be made in it right away*

Some cute things Stephen said lately:

After begging for ice cream (which I didn't have) for like 15 minutes I say, "Baby you can't get blood from a stone" to which he replied, "No mommy, ICE CREAM from a stone!"

S: Where Nana go?

M: Nana is at the Temple today.

S: Ohhhh pretty!

that's all I can remember right now. He's always saying something cute though.

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