Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dad and Sue visit!

Every time we have a visit there is someone who ends up being left out of our photos, this time it was Sue! I swear she was here! I only have a few pics though and they only have the boys and my dad.
Here's the boys in their new matching Seminoles Jerseys!
Here's Dad with the boys.
Ethan decided to get in this tiny pot. (this is the phone that was killed by lightning.)
Stephen has to have a close up head shot each time we get the camera out.

The visit was nice but way too short for me! Brian missed pretty much all of it as he went to the FSU football game yesterday, he literally saw them for 5 min on his way out and 10 min this morning as they were leaving! But me and the boys got to hang out, go shopping for boy clothes at Target and go to Clarks Fish Camp, which is an awesome local seafood resturant. AND at Clark's they have Creamsicle Cake! I already pulled recipies for it so I can make some of my own this week.

Oh and our lightning repairs seem to be done. We replaced our phone, tried to deal with the pool pump, couldn't, called an electrician who told us just what to do *to save us $$ he suggested we do the repair ourselves, it was very simple* we did the repair and it's fixed! So that's good to have sorted out!

For those of you who are following along, I've got a card published in a magazine this month. Vamp Stamp News has a fish card I made on page 18.

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