Monday, September 10, 2007

Orange Creamsicle Cake.

This weekend my Dad and Step-mom were here for just one night. We went to Clark's Fish camp and I had the best dessert EVER. No lie, it was the most yummy bites of sugar delight in my whole life. It was called Creamsicle cake.

So you know I had to make one of my own! I got this recipe from Cake Central. I used this one: Orange creamsicle Cake (I'm not sure if that link works without a Cake Central account?). It was a TON of ingredients: Several packs of pudding, orange extract, eggs, a cake mix, yogurt, serbert! Just lots of stuff. Anyhow I tasted it and it's good!

Brian's co-workers will get this cake too. I'm seriously thinking of piping "Give my husband a raise cakes ain't cheap" on the next one!

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