Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ready to see the coolest thing EVER??


At the St. Augustine Outlet mall..

For a lower price than I'd seen anywhere...


450 watt stand mixer!

*thunderous applause*

This is a professional strength one, not that cutsie "Artesian" one that is in most stores. That Artesian one is in Target for $300, it's only 425 watts. I paid just $199 for this one and it is 125 watts MORE! I have no idea that I needed those extra watts, but I still wanted it! I mean why get less watts for more money? My only color choices were this dark red and a pretty cobalt blue. I liked both but think I will not be using blue when I redo my kitchen, also I LOVE red. I mean look at it!

In case you want a mixer too they still have the blue of this version. The cute Artesian one they have for just $179 down there and they had that in a boat load of colors (including a light orange that was really super cool!)

I had to use my "fun money" for two months to get it, I don't currently HAVE any saved up so I won't be doing any shopping during October or November! :( But still, I mean LOOK at it!

I made cupcakes already and it was so easy to whip up that frosting! I couldn't believe it.

Ok, off to go look at my mixer more.

ps, it does have the mixer thingies, I just had them off in the pic. It came with 3 different ones and a cool book that tells you what they are all for and has recipies in it.

Here is a link to my mixer online if you wanna read all the specs! AND see what an awesome deal I got!

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