Sunday, September 02, 2007

Matching Aprons, and lighthing strikes

So yesterday we had a storm and lightning struck the tree out front. It was crazy, I was standing right by the window and I could taste the electricity! So it rained down pieces of tree.
It doesn't look like much in this pic but this piece of tree is super sharp and went in the ground like 5 inches. Also that is the window I was staning in. We are all fine, it shorted out our pool pump, we are hoping to be able to fix it with some part that Brian has figured out is the problem. It has also killed our phone, its funny, our answering machine still works, so you can call and leave us a message, but we can't call you back or answer the phone. I left a message that is like, "Hi, it's the Kelloggs, lighting struck our house and killed our phone, we can hear your message or you can call our cell phones." No one has called sense I changed it though, I wanted people to hear it.

I made the boys matching aprons with green froggie fabric, they love to wear them to "clean" and "cook". Apparently Stephen needs new PJ's.
We had a pot luck today at church and I brought these cupcakes in this stand. They were a hit. They were lemmon cupcakes with rasberry filling and vanilla buttercream icing.

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