Monday, September 17, 2007

Crazy deals.

So the Food Lion near here is going out of business. EVERYTHING is marked down at least 60%. I got tons and tons of stuff:
dish detergent
jet dry rinse stuff
oven thermometer
meat thermometer
2bx chocolate cake mix
8bx white cake mis
3jars pickles
4 of those french fried onion thingiesr
aid wasp and hornet killer
razor blad thingies
carvel icecream cake
4 boxes tampons
baby tylenol
childrens benydrill
4 boxes ceral
pop tarts
mcCormic pesto sauce packet 2
4 boxes raisens
1 bag cranberry raisen tingies
10 of these little kid pasta travel thingies
10 thinigie of crystal lite
1 thingie of the little travel crystal lites
two pkgs tortillas
1tub hummus (garlic flavor)
120 count fiber suppliment
150 count womens' daily vitamans
cholorceptic throat spray
3pk mcCormic seasongs in the little packets
2 "Finishing Sauces"
3 jars gravy
5 jars flavor extract
3pkg yeast
1jar cream of tartar
4pkg pudding
3pkg jello
1large bag chocolate chips
1pjg banana strawberry muffin mix
1jar pumpkin pie spice
1 jar ginger
1box of these little packets of crystalized orange extract (to use in recipies) 40 of them in the box
1 bottle teriaki sauce
1 bag ranch flavored rice cakes
1 little chocolate cream pie thingie
two pkgs baking cups.

All for less than $100.
Stephen walked into the kitchen where I have it all displayed (to show Brian where his $97 went) and he opened his arms out to the sides and said: So much food, So blessed.
he's right. :)
I have currently 12 boxes of cake mix. It's a sickness! Anyone want some cake?


Anonymous said...

Looks like your set for awhile. What a stash. Kim-spartymom

Anonymous said...

awesome deals ERin!! What a good job you have done for your family..saving money & stocking up the pantry.