Monday, October 01, 2007

Cruise News

The cruise was good. I missed the babies tons. I will not take another vacation without them. We will just wait a few years until they are old enough to go and enjoy it.

Our ship. From Marcia's car as she was dropping us off.
Going under the Dames Point Bridge, seemed like we barely made it!
Brian after snorkling in Freeport. At formal night dinner. We had great couples at our table for dinner.
Brian in Nassau.
Our ship doing a boat drill. Brian took this pic, I was trying to nap but kept hearing, "This announcement is for crew only, CREW ONLY, now lower life boats 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7" or whatever. I am glad they drill it though, good to know those suckers work.
On our "Fun Ship Day at Sea" which was Sunday we had REALLY bad waters, the captian said it was 45 mile an hour winds with 10-15 swells. Our room was really far forward and also low and we actually dipped below the wave line at times! We had to get up higher because it was just too tippy down there. A LOT of people were sick on that day. Even a bunch of the crew. And they canceled the evening dance show it was so bad. There were green people laying around on the decks and everything. Thank heavens Brian and I didn't feel too sick. Our friend we met Allison who was at our table was 3 months pregnant and she didn't make it through the dinner.
This is what our room looked like. (yea, dat's the cheap room!)

Here is a video of me learning a Hip Hop Dance. I'm in the red shirt with the denim skirt. (there is no sound on the video)

Stephen is so cute, they were both happy to see us home, although they had a great time with their Gramma, but Stephen knew we were on a cruise ship. I told him I missed him and next time I'd take him with me. He seems to think JUST he and I are going next time and that we are leaving tomorrow or something! teeheehee. Apparently while I was gone they were fine except two times Ethan found a picture of me and cried and carried it around for a bit. That's sad, but heart warming too. OH this is funny apparently at one point my mom was trying to get Stephen to pee on the potty and while she was fussing with him Ethan peed on her foot!


Skittl1321 said...

I love the hip hop dance!

Is the hole in the wall of your room a window?

shuggy said...

glad you had a good time!! nice dancin' moves, e!!

flipflops4sherri said...

Look at you hip hoppin'! Sounds like you all had a great time despite the rough seas!! :) Sherri