Friday, October 19, 2007

Bath time!

Look at the filth! This is what happens if you don't take the banana away from Ethan the second he's done.
Stephen is having fun today playing with magnet letters. He will take one letter and come up to me and say, "Mommy what IS this thing?" "That's an "M" baby" "oh.... I love it "M"!!!"
But right now because Ethan is on the prowl Stephen can't stick them on the fridge like he likes, because "The Brother" will pull them off, so he's playing fetch with his little brother. Throwing a letter and saying, "Go get it brother" then playing really fast until Ethan gets back with the letter. Do I allow him to treat his brother like a dog? I mean, everyone's enjoying themselves...
Now I just wonder if I can get them to pick up all these letters before bath time. Which we need to have very soon before Ethan turns into a banana.

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