Sunday, February 25, 2007

Plague hits the Kellogg house again!

Isn't that cute? Ethan just loves that huge penguin we call it his "Big Friend".
So we are all sick again. And of course not Brian, he never gets sick. At least not often, and that's good. First it was Stephen, his fever was at least 105 but I swear he felt hotter than that earlier that day. Then Ethan started climbing. I stayed on top of keeping him drugged up and kept him under 102 most of the time. We did do to the Dr. she said there is some funk going around, everyone is testing neg for strep and influenza. She did test Stephen, no point in testing Ethan too they obviously have the same thing. Stephen was negative. Well they started being better. They have snotty noses. (I think they ALWAYS do lately.) Friday I started feeling hot and dizzy during the day. By evening I was on the couch, couldn't get up at all and had chills and sweats. My fever got up to 103 but wasn't staying really high, just sorta up and down. I'm still taking it easy. My throat is super sore. If Stephen hadn't gotten a neg on his strep test I'd swear I have strep. I guess it's just "Kid Plague", that's what Brian and I are calling it.

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