Friday, February 09, 2007

No, Stephen please don't put your brother in a box!

Stephen thinks he can pick Ethan up, he can't. He wants very much to put him in one of these big Huggies boxes and drag him around the house. Ethan is up for anything his big brother does! He never ever leaves Stephen's side. They are just too cute, it's giggles all day around here. Stephen calls Ethan "Broder" or "EEEEEE" which are both adorable. Oh sometimes, "Baby" too, but usually the Broder.

Update on the diaper taking off and general nakedness. When I got Stephen up he had taken his diaper off, but he had the snap together type PJ's on so he couldn't get his pants off. So the diaper was just hanging out in his pants, but not on his body. It was not a poopy mess as I'm sure you are imagining so that's good.

Did I ever share that Stephen's favorite special snack is ice cubes? He loves them, he will stand in front of the freezer and say "Cubes Please, Cubes Please" over and over. He actually eats them too, crunch crunch. Very strange. Thank heavens we don't have one of those door mounted ice cube things where he could get them all he wanted.

Ethan still doesn't drink from anything except nursing. I guess I'm done trying bottles. He's very insistant that he's not going to drink from one, but he doesn't really get drinking from a cup. I'm ready for him to drink some water and even juice now, I'm always afraid he's going to get drhydrated.

Oh and Stephen loves salad! I think that's really cool. So we have been having salads with our dinner. Just me and Stephen, Brian won't touch the stuff. His loss! Right now Stephen and I are into this iceburg and blue cheese salad I totally copied from this resturant Brio I went to. The salad was the best part and now I can make it myself. Yummo! (Did I really just say that?)

Well tonight I'm going to a "Crop" at the Local Stamp Store. It's where you pay $5 then can hang out there all night and use their tables and supplies to make your scrapbook pages or cards or whatever. I don't have anything specific to make but it will be nice to get out of the house and hang out with friends. I'm going to try to go once a month from no on. Ethan can be without me for that long now so I'm doing it!

Oh I can drive again in two weeks! I have been on short trips twice but very soon I'll be totally free again! We got a new car during this time and it will be the car I'm driving so that's sorta funny, I'm out of practice and now have to drive something new. But it's a good car, a Camery. Is it Camery, or Camary? Anyhow you know what I mean. (Yes, I did hear about my spelling errors, you must just move on and pretend you love me for other attributes than my outstanding spelling.)

Well that's all the news for today I think.

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