Friday, February 16, 2007


Arn't they cute! I took a ton of pics of this. This is the best where they are both smiling. There is a funny story, I took a streaming video too and it's cute and all and I was gonna send it to some of yall but two things: 1. Stephen keeps standing and he's all naked so that's not great, although I could have gotten over that but 2. At the end of it Ethan who was standing falls down and it looks TERRIBLE in the video. In real life he was fine, laughing the whole time, not going under water or hitting his head or anything and I was right there and got him up and he laughed and laughed so it was fine. But in the video you just see him slip, his feet go up and then the camera turns away and turns off all fast (because in real life I'm catching him) So just imagine he had a great time!
This bath is in direct relation to the last post where Ethan eats his first pancake, What a mess!

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Suzi said...

Erin, those have to be the 2 most beautiful babies in the history of babies!! They are just adorable!!! I need more babies. I have 2 pre-teens and they aren't fun & cute anymore. (Now, I'm mad, stinky blogger won't let me pout :P)