Thursday, February 15, 2007

Playing together!

Well it's getting cute around here. The boys play together all the time now. Stephen thinks he can ride Ethan's back like a pony. Thank heavens he doesn't put his weight down on him, and that Ethan thinks it's super funny. Actually Ethan thinks everything Stephen does is great. In this pic Ethan is tearing up this book, which is a favorite pastime of my boys. Stephen saw him and joined in. Ethan does get on Stephen's nerves sometimes, he just seems to want to be involved in everything Stephen does. Stephen only has so much patience. Stephen does love him though, gives him lots of hugs. A favorite time for them is bathtime, they go at the same time and they get in a big splash war, I'll tell you too, Ethan holds his own in the splash contest!

Stephen is adding new words to his vocabulary all the time. I think about 5 words a day most days.

Ethan pulls up now and also eats crackers if you break them up. He's pretty proud of that. He still won't drink out of any type container. We continue to work on that.

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