Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back from our trip, and back from our colds

Well me and the boys at least. Brian has a cold now, He always gets them right when we are getting better.

We had a good time. I wished we had more time to spend with the family but it's "season" down in West Palm so they had to work. Jobs, they just get in the way of life. Anyhow we had a good visit. Brian did all he wanted with the Superbowl and got a bunch of signatures. Stephen said "Gramp" and "Sue" and "Gram" which made everyone happy. My mom gave him some Elmo stuff so he loved that. I was pleased, most days they did nap in spite of not being in their own beds.

Ethan is getting into all sorts of trouble, at least once a day he finds something on the floor to choke on. Today it was a leaf that came in from outside, yesterday it was a scrap of paper. It doesn't even phase me anymore, I just reach in and get the junk out of his mouth and move on. He and Stephen are having some issues, Ethan is all over Stephen and Stephen doesn't always have the patience for it. They are both sweet though. I think it will be fine.

Stephen went crazy today and took off all his clothes and ran around naked for about an hour. He kept sitting on his potty so maybe he's ready to potty train, we will see. Finally I had to put him in clothes it was almost nap time and I knew he was gonna have to go to the bathroom during his nap. He was so offended I put clothes on him he sat in his room crying for over 20 minutes! I talked to him but he didn't want to see me. Crazy nudist kid! Someone tell me this is normal... All kids have days they can't stand clothes right?

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Ms Lis said...

Streaking at that age LOL They are so cute