Monday, January 29, 2007

Sick day for us

Well me and the boys are sick. By the boys I mean just Stephen and Ethan, thank heavens Brian's ok, someone's gotta do laundry and dishes and cook! Haha. It's just colds but I tell you a cold can really put you on your butt. And of course I hate to see the boys sick, especially Ethan because he's so small still. (he looks small to be sick, but this boy is growing!)

I started another blog, this one is for my cardmaking and any other crafts. It's Erin K Creations if you care to look at what I'm making these days. I only started it today so there are just two cards over there. I've also learned how to cute the blogs up a bit so I might be making a few changes to this one. Not sure yet.

Oh please leave a comment to this question: Should every entry have a picture, even if it's not directly dealing with the entry. Like this entry about being sick, I'm not taking a pic of our snotty noses, but would this be better if I just stuck up a random cute picture anyhow? Be honest do you come here for the info or the cute pics?

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