Sunday, January 28, 2007

Update on Cats

Well we don't have any animals living in the house now! We went from maybe three to none.

Kitty moved in for a day and didn't figure out about the litter box or let us touch him or anything so I moved him back out. We are still considering him ours and will be taking him to the vet for shots and stuff very soon.

Sassy is a pee cat. We've tried everything and taken her to the vet and so on and such forth and she's just a pee cat. She always has been even when she was our only cat and no kids. So I moved her out too. I just couldn't take it anymore with the babies crawling and all. She loves it out there though and her and Kitty have become good friends and they pal around together.

So we were down to one cat, Charlotte, or CharBear as we call her. Well I continued to find pee and set a trap and caught her peeing so she went out too. Nothing is wrong with these cats, I think it's just because I didn't crack down hard enough so they sort of learned that they can just pee all over. Anyhow not only did CharBear get kicked out but the loveseat she was peeing on got kicked out too. I moved it out all on my own the other day. Brian was suprised I had the strength to do it. I think he's used to me being pregnant or something, I mean I'm a tough girl, I can move furniture! She seems ok out there, she's less accpeting than Sassy was but the three of them seem to hang out together.

Now I'm going to get someone in here to clean the carpets and get a new couch and we should be pee free. For a moment at least, Stephen will be potty training very soon! If it isn't one thing it's another right?

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