Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On the move!

Well we had an eventful weekend. Friday night Brian went to a Scout Campout and I stayed home with the kids. Our computer died that night. It took us three stores and until Monday but we finally have a new one. I got tons done while the computer was down though. I even took down curtains and washed them! Also one of our cars seems to be broken. Brian's working on it though, he actually knows a bit about cars. His father taught him. Luckily it's not the car we use mostly.

Biggest news though, Ethan crawls now. He's been sorta scooting and moving backwards for a few weeks, but this weekend he started really crawling forward. He's fast too! As you can see in this picture he's very proud of his accomplishment.

Well I don't know that I put this on here but I made a commitment with a friend Sherri not to buy any craft stuff all January. The month is almost over and neither of us has bought anything. We are both going crazy of course! I have two lists made out of stuff I want to buy online. One is this new company I found Pink Cat Studio. I mean they are new to me, I don't think new all together. All my online friends are in a Stamping Bella craze, but right now I'm nuts for Eat Cake Graphics. Anyhow I have figured out what I'm getting from Pink Cat and Eat Cake. Also I decided to do this with almost NO white paper. I need some very badly. I'm such a huge paper snob I'm not sure still where I will order paper from. The good news is that I sold a bunch of stamps that I wasn't using anymore and made just over $170 so I have a bunch to get new stuff with. (Which was the point of course)

I'm visiting my Dad next week and I can't wait!

Well until next time!


Ms Lis said...

You'll have to be on your toes now Bet he is faster than you
he sure is cute
Have fun shopping next month Then tell me what the point was to torture yourselves for a month and end up spending double next month LOL

Erin said...

ms lis,
The whole point is to prove we are not totally addicted to shopping and that we really can take a break for one month. Believe me Sherri and I both plan to shop MORE next month to make up for it!