Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome 2007

Well as you can see in the picture Ethan is growing in leaps and bounds. He crawls now, but only backwards. He eats tons and tons of jars of food. He isn't nursing any less either. You know that comercial that says a todler's stomach is only about the size of his little fist. IT'S A LIE. I watch both of these boys consume more food than would fit in their heads, nevermind their fists.

Stephen is still slowly but surely coming along with his speach. He now picks out the words he knows in any sentences. We will be talking about dinner ideas and all the sudden he's marching around, "Chicken! Chicken!". It's pretty much adorable.

We are helping Marcia find a condo up here in Jacksonville. There is one prospect she is considering right now. I'm amazed at how much money condos cost right now. This little one bedroom one is more than our first house cost! And that wasn't too long ago.

I have a new resolution, I guess it's a new year's one, but I just happened to do it now. You all know I make cards. (Didn't know that? maybe this is the wrong blog as you've obviously not met me!) Well I'm going to send a lot more off for publication this year. I got three in magazines last year, but I want more. If you don't know how it works you usually don't get paid for them, it's all about the fame. Sometimes you get a free issue of the magazine you are in. I'll keep you all posted so you can run to your local bookstores to get "MY" magazines. I also made a commitment with my good friend Sherri, we are both not buying any craft items all month. Now keep in mind we just both placed large orders with a stamp company we have yet to receive, so it's not like we won't GET any stuff this month. ;)

Oh that stray cat is still around. It's a boy cat. He has been in the house a few times. We once thought he was in for good but he peed in our bed, so he had to go back out. So we are still working on it.

I hope everyone has a great 2007.


Ms Lis said...

Sounds like you make cards LOL
Good luck with your fuure submissions I have not had the confidence to do that yet

Anonymous said...

PS my dear, I ordered those stamps you wanted this month but are not buying. They will show up on your birthday! Love, Mom MMMTs