Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We all had a great Christmas

We had a blast. Do you see all those presents? It took us two hours to open all that. Of course Stephen had to play with each toy as he opened it. Ethan was really more interested in the wrapping still. Stephen did get a kick out of ripping the paper off of presents, but by the end just wanted his toys out of there. This huge penguin is Ethan's new best friend. What's really cool is it seems to be a great friend in the crib too. He isn't as fussy when I put him down. I thought it might be scarry to have a bird larger than him looking down at him, but he loves that thing.
Brian and I were totally spoiled too. Brian made a list this year and got every single thing on it. I got piles of stuff and some cool gift certificates. I got all new pots and pans too. I had them in time to cook up my Christmas dinner with.
I totally blew my diet on Christmas day, but what ya gonna do? I did ok at Thanksgiving so I feel good about that. I'll just have to be really good from here on out. (which means stay out of those leftovers!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that those of you who couldn't be here with us know we had you in our hearts.

Oh I almost forgot. Ethan has his first tooth! I discovered it yesterday. He hardly fussed while teething at all, just drooled a bunch.

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