Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Way behind, let's blame the holidays

Well things are busy as usual around here, but great news! Ethan has not been a good nap taker his whole life. (yea the entire 6 months he's been here hehe) So this week I started putting him in for a nap, turning off the light and trying to block out his fussing. Well the past two days it has worked! He's slept for hours. And he's still ready for bed at the normal time. And so much friendlier in the evening. The best part... It's the same time Stephen is taking a nap! So I have two babies napping for hours at the same time! I feel like I've recovered a whole new part of myself! I've been crafting and cleaning and talking on the phone with friends and I even took one nap! It's amazing what a few hours of free time will do for ya.

Ethan is still working on getting around, he doesn't quite crawl yet. He does eat now though, he seems to like sweet potatoe best. Oh he only likes peas if I actually smash up real peas, he doesn't care for the ones in the jars. So you know what I did right? I tasted the jar ones and they are NOT as good! So I'm going to just smash peas for him from now on. My mom got me a cool book about making your own baby food so I'm going to do some of those recipes. (Thanks to Julie who recomended it)

Well we are getting ready for Christmas. We will have 12 people here, counting Ethan, who doesn't eat Christmas food, so maybe shouldn't count. I'm doing a ham and all the regular sides. I also made 24 Christmas ornaments and of course I made all the Christmas cards again.

Speaking of Christmas my parents are spoiling the boys I think! There is a mountain of presents under the tree! I have no idea where I'm going to put all that stuff. But it will be fun for sure! (and I think some of that stuff is for me!)

Talk to you soon!

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Ms Lis said...

Wonderful catch up report
You reminded me in OOUR day we made all our baby food from scratch and we had cloth diapers HOW DID we survive
Yoou are going to have a super great christams with the boys
wishing we had some tiny ones nearus
enjoy Lis