Monday, November 20, 2006

Naked Spagetti

Well it's spagetti night for us, which means Stephen is eating in the buff! He loves it but man oh man is it a mess! Tonight is a big night, Brian has tickets to the Jaguars game and Stephen, Ethan, Xander, Shara and I are all going to go to Chuck E Cheese for some fun play time.
This whole week will be packed, we hope to go to a movie tomorrow night, then Wednesday we leave for a visit to my Dad & Sue's house for a huge Thanksgiving dinner and a few days of visiting, then to my Mom and Jack's for more fun. We should get to see Jeffrey and Katie too this weekend so that's very exciting.
I just gave Stephen a haircut, it's shorter than I planned, but I really like it, you can see it in the pic!

Well to those of you who I will be seeing this week I can't wait! The rest of you need to come visit us! We are having Christmas dinner here and it's not too late for me to set another plate!

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Mis Lis said...

S is looking like a little man Smart mom sansing the clothes for spegitti dinner
Have a great holiday((HUGS))) Lis