Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random updates

Here's a pic of that cat that adopted us. I go back and forth daily as to whether I want to let it in the house.

I've been sick this week, fever on Monday and run down sense then. I'm feeling much better today.

Ethan is still working on his crawling. He's just stinking cute, I took some pics of him moving around. Oh and I put him in the pack and play thing when I was sick and he loves it in there! I think because it has toys and they can't get away from him, he can definately move all over that small area. Stephen likes him to be in there too, he talkes to Ethan through the mesh stuff on the side.

Stephen is too funny, he's addicted to orange juice and frosted miniwheats all the sudden. He also loves icecubes. I've heard some stories about kids choking on them so I keep a close eye on him when he has one. We are trying to work on his speach, he hasn't really learned any new words in a while, I think maybe I need to challange him to speak more. I'm not worried or anything yet, just want to see him learning fast again.

We are all getting pretty excited about Thanksgiving next week. Stephen just brought me a pic of my Grandparents and said, "grams" I don't know how he knew, we didn't really teach that. Still no "mommy".

Oh and we are super busy, it's good I'm feeling better, Tomorrow I have a The Angel Company party. It's a stamp company that uses home parties like tupperware parties. I'm a demonstrator for them. Friday is MovieNight at Brian's work, where they show family movies and have piles of snacks and stuff and it's all free, the movie is Cars. We think Stephen will like it. Saturday Brian is going to try to go to Tallahassee for the FSU game. Sunday Marcia is coming to visit and have dinner, then next week we leave to go down south! I think we have plans almost every day until Christmas actually! Wow!

Well I need to go, I've got a house to clean before my stamping party tomorrow! Wish me luck, I want to sell tons and tons of stuff so I have Christmas money! :)


Grandma said...

Just viewed the Kellogg blog
show. It's great!!. Really
enjoyed -- its good to keep up on
what you guys and the boys are
doing. Can't wait to see all next
Love, Grandma

Linzy D said...

Aww, what a nice blog Erin! Who doesn't like to read about the Kellogg cuties?! Love the pictures!