Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mobility for Ethan (and a new cat)

We've been suspecting it for a while but I finally witnessed it today. We would put Ethan down somewhere and go do something like get a drink and we'd come back and he'd be somewhere else. Brian and I wern't sure if he was just wiggling all over, which we've been seeing for a while, or if he really crawls when no one is looking. Well today I was getting Stephen out of the bath and I turned and Ethan was up on his hands and knees, belly off the ground and he crawled one "step"! He then went back down and then rolled over, but I'm counting it! :) Ethan crawled today. Hurray Ethan!

In other news Brian took Stephen to a basket ball game last night, apparently they loved it, Stephen danced and made friends with the mascots. Ethan went to a crop with me. Well when Brian got home with the boys (after picking Ethan up from my crop) guess who was sleeping in our couch? A stray cat! It's this cat that's been coming around for a month now. We've been feeding it, it's all our fault! Anyhow it was just sleeping there and our other two cats were within sight and didn't mind at tall. Brian said for Monday I need to call around about where to get this new cat some shots and a checkup. It's just a kitten. I'll try to get pictures soon, it's still scared of us. After Brian came in and said hello to it it ran back out. It used a spot where the screen for the window is pushed out. Thanks to Stephen for that!

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Jacque said...

Ethan's crawling already? Unreal how time flys! Soon he'll be chasing girls..or they'll be chasing him!