Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holidays are in full force

And so is cold season. Stephen started with a cough last week and then it hit me and Ethan. Stephen just has the runny nose now, and not too bad, but Ethan and I are still pretty miserable. I'm not getting any sleep with it, but luckily the boys are both sleeping tons so that's good.

We went to a Christmas dinner last night in St. Augustine. Brian's Aunt and Uncles were there so we had it at Gram's house. It was super good. There were some presents and I think Stephen figured out from that what all those things under our tree are! Today he was much more interested in them than normal. Thank heavens for the baby gate keeping him out of the front room.

The stray cat is still around. We have decided it's a boy. Still not coming up to us too much or letting us pet it. I guess he's not worried about it getting too cold. Looks like it's just going to be an outside cat then. I still need to catch it and get it shots and fixed. I'm sure the Vet's office is going to love that; "Um, this cat is pretty much wild, but we'd like you to give it shots and surgery." But what ya gonna do?

Friday we went to Brian's work party. It was called "Snow in the Citi" and they did have snow. Stephen loved playing in it, even though all the big kids were throwing snowballs at us the whole time. I had flip flops on because it was a warm day and let me tell you they offer no traction on packed snow! I almost fell right on my butt a few times! We also saw Santa and decorated cookies. There was an ice skating show too which Stephen thought was great. Ethan just looked all pitiful and slept some. Poor sick baby.


Ms Lis said...

Looks like fun was had by all Hoping you are all feeling better before the big day
Merry Christmas

Ms Lis said...

These photos are precious
enjoy those boys Lis