Tuesday, March 06, 2007

General News

These pictures are just the general mess my boys are always working on. They are diggingin the bottom drawer of the computer desk. At least they are doing it together right?
So big news around here: I moved Stephen's bed into Ethan's room and everything else out so they both sleep in the same room and have a play room. I LOVE it during the day, I can keep things clean better and there are way less toys all over my house. They are going to bed ok, but waking up super early. It's only the second day so who knows. Word on the street is it takes a few days or a week to adjust to sleeping with another person in the room. I was at the end of my rope earlier, but they finally took a nap for 3 hours together in there. When I got them out Stephen had crawled under Ethan's crib and was sleeping there. I have no idea why he would do such a thing. Whatever makes him happy though.
My other big news is we are switching to cloth diapers! At least part time. Those of you who are familiar with them, but from 20 years ago, they are totally different now. No pins, no plastic pants. I have a kind called pocket diapers, Basicly there is a shell that is waterproof on the outside and fuzzy material on the inside. You stuff extra absorbant stuff between these two layers. The stuff I have is a hemp/cotton blend that is actually super soft but super absorbant. I tried them on Stephen but he hated it, so I'm only using them on Ethan right now. I also only have 3, so I'm obviously using a lot of disposables too. We didn't want to buy tons before we knew if we could handle it. (Yes, I mean if I could handle it, Brian doesn't really mess with them) So I LOVE them. I gotta get more. :)
Well it's probably time to go stuff all my stationary back in the drawer. Is nothing safe? NOPE! heehee

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