Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why aren't you people leaving comments?

Each one of you should be leaving comments on how cute these boys are. Why are you not doing it? I know you look, I can tell! *wink*

also I updated the Erin K Creations Link, I had the address wrong and it took you so some other junk that's not me. It now takes you to my craft blog. :)

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Annette Harris said...

Okay, Erin, here ya go!

Of course those boys are the cutest! I look forward to seeing them here wearing their new SleepyKats soon.

I think people just get too busy to stop and make a comment. I am lucky that I used to be a secretary and I can still type very very fast, like 80 wpm, so making comments isn't hard for me, lol.

Annette - Buggainok