Friday, March 16, 2007

Cloth diaper Update

So here is Ethan in his sleepykat cloth diaper! I have tons of cloth diapers now and it's great. My friend Annette sent me three of these, and I have 16 from the other company I was using. I do still love the others, but I'm gonna talk about these for a moment.
Ok, look there is a cat on his bum! How cute is that?? The other two she sent are just like this but blue with a white (I think) cat on the rear. They are made super well and fit the boys, especially Stephen great. Stephen is sleeping right now and if you think I'm waking him up to take a picture of his diaper you are out of your mind.
Overall I'm loving the cloth diapers. I only use the disposables now over night and if we go out for more than like one stop. If you don't change the cloth ones shortly after a pee they will eventually leak. It's sorta distressing to think of how long I let them be in peeful disposables, but they never FEEL wet. I'm hoping that because Stephen really feels it now when he's wet that will help him want to potty train. He now insists on being changed the very second he pees. As soon as I can get him to tell me BEFORE he pees we will be in business. :)
Hmm, what else is going on. I'm not sure what was up with Stephen's eye but it got better in like two days, but I still did the drops the whole time I was supposed to. No one else got pink eye or anything. Maybe it was some lesser eye infection.
Ethan has been snotty for weeks now. I think I'm giving him till Monday then taking him back in to the DR's and demanding something to clear him up. It's getting out of hand if you ask me. He is acting fine though.
I took the Grape (the car Brian's Gram gave us) into the AC repair place and I have AC now! It might not last, they think there is a leak, they put some special coolant with die in it and if I loose cold air they will be able to tell where the leak is and fix it. But anyhow for right now the AC works and just in time too because it's been hot here lately.
I think that's all the news.

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