Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pink Eye

Yesterday when Stephen woke up from his nap he had one puffy eye and was crying a ton and rubbing it. Within a few hours he had two red puffy eyes. This morning we went to urgent care. After a few hours and scarry drops in his eyes and stuff the Dr. decided he has pink eye. We have to put these drops in 3 times a day, guess how much they cost? $56!!! YIKES. Shocking! He does seem to be in less pain already.

So far Ethan seems fine, but we all know he will probably end up with pink eye too and there goes another $56 I guess! I'm trying not to let it happen, but they are best buds and unless me and Ethan go get a hotel room I don't see avoiding it. Ethan did have a fever though. All the sudden he was 100.8. Not too bad. We gave him some motrin and he threw up. It was CRAZY throwing up, like shot several feet. Maybe he just gagged we are not sure. We are gonna stick to tylenol for the rest of the night, he's had motrin before but just to be safe you know? He's acting just fine now, chasing his brother around and laughing.

My dad called me and said he is having issues with this blog. I'm looking into it but so far cannot find a reason he wouldn't be able to open it. Any suggestions? He can see like a screen preview but can't scroll or leave a comment or anything. We can't have that!


Pat said...

I guess the problem is just at work it seems to be working fine at home I will just comment at home

Erin K said...

Ok, Daddy, you do that then!

Ms Lis said...

Poor little guy hope he is better soon