Monday, March 19, 2007

Trip to the Park

Today we went to the park. Brian took today as a floating holiday so it was fun to go play. I put a ton of pics up on the Picturetrail site today from our trip. Ethan swings now so that's fun for him, he also was starting to want to climb on the big slide thingie. Stephen is all over the park now.

After the park we went to the Chinese Buffet where Stephen gets sushi, He ate 16 pieces of sushi today! That's a record for him, last time he had 15. He LOVES the stuff. Ethan ate two jars of baby food and three french fries. (which are on the buffet, although they are not Chinese)

Next stop was Marshalls, I need clothes, but all the styles are crappy right now I just got angry after trying on a million tops and none were cute. Then I decided to get shoes but that didn't work out either. Ended getting Stephen a Magic Jersey and leaving there. Nothing cool in Tuesday Morning either.

So I was pretty bummed when I got home but guess what 4 PACKAGES! Two were for Brian so that was nice for him, but 2 were for me! Hurray me!

Well the boys are sleeping, I might either lay down with a book or stamp things. :)

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Ms Lis said...

I haven't been here for awhile My gosh how they are growing