Thursday, March 04, 2010

Meet Victor the Rat by Stephen.

I got a new rat for my birthday. I love him and he's great. He is nice. I got him a pet mart. (PetSmart). His name is Victor. This is his cage. He has his stuff.
This is his face. Mommy is holding him.

This is him standing on his cage.
This is his old water bottle. He chewed this plastic bottle up. Mommy got a new water bottle. Victor is standing up in this picture. Daddy likes it when animals stand up. I keep him in my room. We check on his food and water and stuff every day. He is soft. He makes squeeky noises. I like having him in my room. I'm not scared at night now because of him. He keeps me safe.
The end.
Note from Mommy: Stephen started Soccer today too and I plan to put up those pics later today or tomorrow. xxoo

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Linda B said...

Hi Stephen! Victor is beautiful and I can't wait to meet him! I'm glad he is in your room with you too. Have lots of fun at soccer.
Love, Grammy