Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

You may remember a while back the drama of Stephen escaping from his room in the early hours of the morning and getting into all sorts of trouble. Well we had to do something. Brian looked at purchasing fancy kid gates for this wide opening. I had the idea to just slide our heavy couch in front of the hall at night. So Stephen is stuck! He can get in his sleeping room where he sleeps with Ethan and in the play room with all his books and toys. Now he wakes up, says hello to Brian who is getting ready for work, and then goes and plays in his toy room. I, of course, love this arrangement. Some days he yells for me early, "Mommy GET ME UP!" But some days he lets me sleep in! He will always hollar for me if Ethan cries. Today Ethan woke up but didn't cry so Stephen just sang to him! Yes, you heard it right, I woke up to the sound of my almost 3 year old singing to his little brother.
you can't put a price on that.
in other news:
Ethan talks TONS now. Not so much full sentences, but just lots of chatter. He is learning all the words for the things he wants too. So this morning I knew he wanted juice and a waffle, because he told me. I love that.

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