Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bouncy hair

I got a package from a company I order from. It's I get my adhesive from that company. They are great and ship really quick. But they do it in the funniest way. They don't use boxes, instead they wrap stuff in miles of bubble wrap! So this is the package:

Ethan was facinated with the wrap so I gave it all to him! He stomped bubble wrap all night.

So last night I decided to rag curl my hair. I have a hard time getting any curl into my hair, it just likes to be straight.

Turns out my hair will definately curl in rags! Look:

Stephen was sick yesterday, high fever all day. We are working on potty training this week and that sorta messed us up a bit. He is much better today though. I can tell because he hasn't stopped talking sense I got him up! Ethan is fussy, he might be coming down with it now.

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