Monday, July 23, 2007

EXCITING card news!

I just today found out that I have THIRTEEN cards published in the current issue of Just Cards! magazine!! AND there is a teeny tiny corner of one of my cards on the cover.
see that in the center, under all the other cards, with the black and pink and orange circles showing? THAT's my card! hehehe
Ok, if you do purchase it here is a list of which cards are mine. You can tell because they say "by Erin Kellogg" by them!
page 11 Smile Crocodile
Page 24 Lupine Greetings
Page 26 Thinking of you
page 26 prepare to stamp
page 26 thinking of you giraffe
page 30 cat eyes
page 33 little girl
page 33 you're unfrogettable (this is the one there is a bit of on the cover)Page 38 argyle&hearts
page 44 I'm Fluffy!
Page 70 Hoppy Birthday
page 115 Fright Night
Page 112 Happy Halloween.
ALSO one of my cards is on the chapter heading for the following:Everyday CardsBirthday CardsHoliday cards
So there you have it! I'm very excited as I'm sure you can understand. :)


Ms Lis said...

Boy you brought me down to earth with 13 cards I just found out today I have one in Scrap and Stamp Arts and four in VSN and I couldn't stay in my seat

Renee said...

Many Congrats!