Saturday, June 30, 2007


A few evenings ago I was cleaning up the table from supper when Brian decided to take the boys out to the pool. I was gonna finish the dishes then go too. After about 5 minutes he comes running back in with both boys and says, "Ethan got in ants". I don't hear Ethan crying though so I don't run or anything, thinking one or two. Well a minute later he says, "I need HELP" so then I run.

Ethan was COVERED in bites.

Brian was getting in the pool with Stephen. Ethan never gets in unless you force him so he was playing on the patio. Our fat lazy cat Charlotte went in the grass and he followed her. Brian saw him messing with his face and though he had dirt on him. He got out of the pool to get the dirt off Ethan and saw that he was covered in fire ants! He was trying to suck them off his hand. :( He wasn't really crying at all!

So I called our DR at home when we started counting bites and got above 25. She said he should be fine. We had given him benydrill in the mean time. He cried while we were washing him up and changing him, but didn't cry after that!

The next day I though for sure would be miserable because they would be itching and I'd have to figure out how to keep him from scratching and all. He never did itch at them!

It's been 3 days now and he's doing fine. He ended up having them covering his right hand and about 5 on his face, and several in his mouth. Some on the other hand, a few on his tummy and one on his foot. I guess he stuck his right hand right into them! He looks bad of course, but like I said he's acting fine.

Here's pictures:

In good news we FINALLY got a babysitter. Rand a kid in Brian's class at church watched them. They LOVE him, he watches Ethan at church when Brian's teaching. Rand is the one who got Ethan walking a few steps a few weeks back. He never did catch on with that. Well wouldn't you know, Rand said he walked all night and the next day he was walking all over and now walks a bunch now! So that's fun!
Stephen is expanding his interests, as you may know he was all Elmo for a while, then it was nothing but Calliou. Now he likes Mickey Mouse and JoJo's Circus as well. So that's good. I caught him watching The Wiggles the other day but that show bothers me so I turned it off! ;)
Brian's birthday is next month (July 20th) and our anniversary is the week after (July 28th), so lots going on for us.
And also it's HOT out, YUCKY.

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ms Lis said...

that poor baby he is so brave that is very painful I know I have been there