Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cute Stephen story

So Stephen drinks way too much milk, he's a milkaholic.

Yesterday just before nap time he wanted more milk. I said no, he'd had a glass already that afternoon and would be wanting one with dinner, I felt he should not have another. So he stops crying long enough to say the prayer. He's at the phase where he repeats what I say in the prayer back. Just after we said, "bless us that we will get a good nap" he adds right on to his repeat "please bless can I have milk?". What was I supposed to do! He prayed for milk! So you know I got right up and got him some. I only got him a few sips. He drank it then folded his arms back up and said, "Thank you milk, Amen"

Right now he's after me for "snack?" I wonder if he will pray for it?

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Ms Lis said...

They catch on real fast those prayers can get you about anything