Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brian's Birthday

Brian's birthday was last week. I made the BEST cupcakes, they were dark chocolate with cheesecake on top. I even made home made icing for them. (which was pretty rich and I scraped it off, but everyone else liked it) He got two gift certificates to Home Depot and white socks, I got him some McFarlaine doll. The boys tried to get him a magazine, but let's not talk about that, turns out it was a poor choice.
Here's the birthday guy.
Here's Ethan with the remnants of his cupcake.
Stephen ate all his cupcake, except for the small amount of crumbs on his face.
Here we all are, Look how big the boys are getting!
And here's Marcia, who was here too.

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Ms Lis said...

Looks like someone enjoyed the cupcakes
that Simpson's converson is a roit