Friday, July 27, 2007

Crazy allergies!

Stephen and I got up early today and went to the Nemours Childrens Clinic today. I was unsure how to get there or where to park, so I left WAY early. It took like 12 minutes and they have a huge parking garage, so easy! We were checked in by a girl I used to crop with who is a nice lady. Then we looked at the "choo choo train!" for a bit, before heading up to our appoinment. We were very early still but they took us right away, met us just after stepping off the elevator and knew who we were right away!

We were seeing the allergist. Dr. Schrum was great. He asked tons of questions about Stephen, answered my tons of questions. They then did the skin test. I was worried, I'd heard about getting dozens of pricks for it, screaming kids and so on. NO SHOTS! They drew the pattern in sharpie marker on his back, then put a bit of gel like stuff by each dot. They used stiff looking plastic brushes, they didn't look like they hurt at all. The nurse said that it basicly tickles. Stephen didn't cry out, he didn't like me holding him still but he didn't seem to mind the actual stuff. They do a control that always itches and swells, another that never does, then tests for all the stuff they want to test. We were closely watching the peanut one.

He tested positive for peanut and CAT! That was a total suprise to me! He also had a minor positive reaction for wheat! I feed him wheat all the time of course. The dr suspects a false positive for that one, but we will meet with a dietician and she will have us go wheat free for a period then reintroduce it to look for a reaction. The cat and peanut were strong reactions though, no doubt about them.

I already have epi pens so we went over how to use them. I had been told to use them if he had a breathing reaction, the Dr today said ANY reaction give it right away, no delay to look for a serious reaction. Also always go to the ER right away, if I'm alone with them probably call 911.

Cats can't come in at all. He said to consider getting rid of them all together. He has eczma and apparently 70% of kids who have it will develope asthema! I'm suprised by that. A repeated exposure to the cat allergy will increase his risk. I've personally known two people to die of asthema reactions so I'm definately looking at my cats a little different today.

In good news, Chick Fil A is OK! Apparently they use "hot press peanut oil" the hot press process makes it non allergenic. I didn't believe this of course, growing up with my Dad and not being able to eat there. They had two other Dr's come in and tell me, there was a whole group in there telling me it was ok. SHOCKING. The nurse said her kid is allergic to peanuts and they eat there about once a week. I want to go RIGHT NOW I love that place! I'm still nervous though, but they all said it's totally fine.

Here's Stephen right now, watching TV.
Here's his back, they put cream on the spots after so they arn't itchy anymore or even rasised. That splotch you see is a birth mark, the black is sharpie.
Here is Stephen looking at his Epi-Pen information and pointing out the peanuts, which he will tell you are "bad". He calls the pen his "peanut pen" and the video that came with it is the "peanut movie".

OH, MOM!!! we can't stay at your house ever! He can't sleep in a house with cats, he can't even be there for more than about 30 min and that is definately what caused the rashes he got at your home. :(

He's also definatley NOT allergic to dogs. I want to get rid of the cats and get a dog TODAY. Someone send me a dog.

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Ms Lis said...

Hope he can out grow all his allergies
I was tsted for 100 was allergic to 93 had daily shots didn't get rid of the pets because we couldn't get rid of the pollen and sulphur and dust in the air so what was the point in getting rid of the family pets??