Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well we are back from our weekend in Charleston. It was fun but crazy too. We went up on Saturday. We drove right into the cute little downtown historic part and parked. It happened to be a little "Charleston Dog Show" down there so everyone had dogs. How fun! We got food at the Farmers Market and it was fresh and wonderful. I had an omlet with fresh eggs. Yummy! Brian got a gyro thing. Stephen ate off our food and had tons of these fresh strawberries we got. Ethan ate baby food jars and some of everything else.

Then we walked after a while we arrived at a cute little shop called "cupcake". They sell nothing but cupcakes and they were GOOD. We ate 4 between the 4 of us.

We drove to Brian's friend Bill's house. He and his wonderful wife Jeanie (sp?) were kind enough to let us stay in their home while we were there. They have a dog Javy too. He's a cute fat beagle looking dog. The boys loved him.

We ate dinner that night and bought drugs (I needed some drugs I had upset tummy, I ALWAYS have upset tummy in Charleston, you may remember last time I went I came home and had to go to the hospital).

Sunday we went to Magnolia Plantation. WOW that's the most beautiful place ever. That's where all the pics I'm putting are from, I kept forgetting the camera until that day. They have a petting zoo with deer in it! I'd never pet a deer. And gardens for miles and a hedge maze and peacocks running all over. It was great. Oh and I've never in my life smelled a magnolia blossom and I love them! I will have to see if that mall store what's it called, Bath and Works or whatever has magnolia sented crap.

Then back to the house for naptime. The boys were so tired they went staight to sleep. Oh on the issue of sleep it stunk! Stephen had to sleep with us and that's a mess. Ethan slept in the pack and play but I don't think it's too comfy. We all came home tired. We do not plan to take any more trips for at least a year, it was just not relaxing at all in that way. We will just do all the day trips you can possibly do from here.

We ate dinner Saturday at this fantastic resturant that Bill chose. It was so yummy. It was seafood. Then we went to the park by his house and to bed. Oh I saw Saturday Night Live, which I've never watched before, it's cute! (This was a show of old epsiodes)

Monday we got up early (Thanks Ethan) and went to breakfast because you can't drive from Bill's house into Charleston at rush hour. At breakfast at the lovely McDonalds Stephen fell and chipped a tooth and cut his lip. Sometime during the day he also got a black eye and Ethan got a knot on his forehead. We really are good parents, I swear my kids just are determined to get banged up. It's sad really. They are both fine though. (I'm going to see if a dentist wants to sand the tooth down so it's not sharp and goofy looking I'll keep you posted)
It was cold Monday so we went to the Aquarium instead of walking downtown like we planned. The Aquarium was awesome, as they always are. Ethan had "Fish Joy" for the first time. Fish Joy is when you see fish in a huge tank and it's like magic and you can't take your eyes away. He had Penguin Joy as a young baby (they are high contrast ya know) but this was his frist Fish Joy. Nothing like seeing your children discover the wonderful creations of Heavenly Father.
After we got out of the Aquarium it was warmer so we walked downtown. We went to this other market but it was really just a touristie flee market. Then more food at this Crab resturant. It was pretty good. When Brian went to pay he found he had left his card in an ATM earlier that day. He left me to pay while he ran back to see if it was still there. Right when he leaves the kids start screaming. Our waiter doesn't come back to take my money for like 15 minutes and they are both shreaking but I can't take them out because I have to pay and it got so bad that when I finally did leave the section cheered! Of course they had stopped crying when they saw we were leaving but when people cheered Stephen was hurt and cried all over again! I told him they were cheering because they love him and shot them all dirty looks and almost cried because it was all too much and also I was wondering where my husband was and if my credit card was stolen and all. Brian got back right when I walked out the door. The machine automaticly sucks them back up if you don't take them within a short period of time and demagnatizes them. The employees saw it and tried to catch it so they could just return it but were not fast enough. We have new cards ordered and they will be here in a week! No debit card till then. OUCH!
So we drove home. I drove actually Brian has a cold. Traffic wasn't too bad. I slept like a ROCK last night. :)
I had 23 packages/cards waiting for me when I got home. Happy Birthday to me! I have awesome friends and family.
Today Marcia took me out to lunch. I love May!

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MMMTs said...

The photos are beautiful and the kids are wonderful. It sounds like you had a great time despite the crabby crowd at the Crab Place. Happy Birthday my dear! Give everyone a hug from me.