Thursday, May 24, 2007


Don't know what to say. I'll tell this story.

Stephen has issues with the word "Yes"

It's had a progression for us

"Sure" (Always said super happy)

"Ass" (mispronounciation of YES)

"uh huh" (my least favorite)

"O Kay!" (super happy again)

Also he has issues with M sounds. He does say Mommy (MomEEEE) now but for ages it was Bockie. And milk

is "Bilk" and more is "Burr"

The number one thing I hear is "Caliou" which is the name of this cartoon he likes with a bald headed kid. It's pretty cute.

Ethan says "uh ohh" a bunch now, he did say "Stop That" today but it was a one time thing, (I had to say it a FEW times this morning, he wants to pull over the diaper pail all the time) he says "daddaddaddad" and "mom" but he growls "mom" it's funny! He has taken just a few steps and stands all the time.

Least favorite thing to hear is "Ewwww Pee" Which means "Ewww I pooped and took my diaper off because I'm a freak and won't just tell mommy to change me or better yet to let me go on the potty and now I'm standing in my poop and it's all over"

We might be touring a chocolate factory with playgroup tomorrow. I'm waiting for a call with details.


Pat said...

Sounds like Steven is making his own choclat no need to go any factory

Barb Howell said...

It's fun to see how the little ones "mangle" the language. The color "yellow" was "Leyow" to my son when he was little.