Wednesday, May 30, 2007

PS again.

I forgot this FUNNY story.

You may know I'm having potty training issues. Well not ME, I know how to use the potty like a big girl, Stephen is having issues. He keeps taking his diaper off when no one is looking THEN going potty. He doesn't want us to know... It's a messy gross problem.

We encourage him to tell us when he has to potty.

This evening he run up to me, "Uh Ohh, mommy peee!" (It's ALL pee to him) So of course I drop everything and race to the bathroom with him. Rip off the diaper and stick him on the toilet. I turn on the water (this helps) and he starts peeing. He pees for at least a minute, maybe more the whole time FARTING too! It gets better! Over and over he says "Uh Oh mommy, BROTHER fart" and points at Ethan who is watching from the hall. He is blaming his farts on his brother even though I'm standing right there watching him do it..

AND today when he pooed in his room during nap time he told me "puppy", his stuffed animal did it! This was LESS funny due to the poo I had to clean up.

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