Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More fun than a box of toddlers.

Ethan's birthday is Saturday. Yesterday I came home from errands with the boys and guess what was on the front porch? A fun car. It was a pain to put together, but when it was done they loved it. Even better? The BOX of course!
They tunnel through it.
It makes Ethan smile.
Stephen on the car
Ethan pushed Stephen out of the box and sat on it. That thing in his hand is a paint brush of mine they keep stealing.
Stephen INSISTED I take this photo of his feet. "Mommy picture feet?"

More tunneling.
"Make a face for Mommy" always results in this same face.
You know, tunneling again.
Little guy getting in on the action.
Earlier today I tried to teach Ethan how to color. He didn't "get" it...

Also was it my Dad or my friend Pat who made the chocolate poop comment? EWWWW. We didn't get to go to the chocolate factory either.

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Ms Lis said...

Love this with the box Our always preferred the boxes