Saturday, April 28, 2007

Catching up.. it's a long one.

We will start with today! I am sick I have mastitis (everyone cept my daddy go google that if you don't know, Dad, you don't want to know). So fever and pain and all. Well Brian took the day off to watch the boys. We called the Dr and she called in drugs for me. (they work SUPER fast, I'm way better already) So he got those and stuff during naptime. After naptime we decided to go in the pool for a bit and here are the pics:
Stephen is a huge pool wimp still and just wanted to play on the patio and put his feet in! WIMP!
This was his favorite, to throw something like a ball in then go, "Uh Oh! MOMMY!!" like it's my job to retrieve these things. (yea, he says Mommy now, and it's music to my ears, he says all sorts of things, everyone should come visit.)
Look at that happy boy.
Ethan was less of a wimp. he would ride on this aligator with Daddy, then later in his own float.

Two weekends ago we went up to Tallahassee. We planned to eat at a lunch spot I loved, then go to the "spring game" which is a warmup type game for FSU football. (GO NOLES) Then to Dan's apartment for naptime and to the FSU Flying High Circus.

Things did not go as planned.

The lunch spot was a totally different resturant. We did have a pretty good lunch at a different place.

Dan wasn't home! Then he did show up right before we left in total confusion. We couldn't park at his place as planned but we were ok.

The game was fine, we had to leave early because the boys were tired.

Then they didn't want to nap at Uncle Dan's.

The dinner spot was closed too!

Then we leave to walk to the circus, this is where it gets REALLY bad. It was sprinkling. Now we had to park on campus so there is no car even if we did decide not to walk. (Dan has one but no carseats...)

So we start to walk, it starts to pour. And pour. And pour. We get there finally, totally and completely drenched. I was holding Ethan, Brian holding Stephen. I lucked out, Ethan thought it was funny, Stephen cried. They were sooo wet. Like we had all been swimming in clothes. We had a sweatshirt for Stephen and put it on him, and I bought a T shirt for me and put it on Ethan. After the show we walked back to the cars and got home well after 1am. The boys both had fevers in the morning. :(

Here's pics:

Stephen enjoying the spring game
Dan.. um.. enjoying? being an uncle.
Mommy and Ethan (see the huge shirt on him) waving at the clowns.

And this is another day and what happens if you tickle Ethan a bunch:

Ok, that's pretty much everything. Hope to see you all soon!

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