Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

We had an eventful weekend. Friday night I went to a crop and made cards and generally hung out. Brian had the boys and they had dinner and went to do some shopping.

Saturday we got up and went to an Easter Egg hunt. It was very fun, but cold so Brian had to run home and get a sweatshirt for Stephen and socks for Ethan. Stephen found 5 eggs at the hunt and loved them. Brian helped Ethan find one egg. There was a bunny (person in costume) to see and it was all very cute. The had the little kids hunt in a different area than the big kids which I think was a great way to do it.

After that we went to this HUGE art store I never knew was in town and it was very cool. I didn't buy anything but man I could have! Then to Hobby Lobby where these new markers I love were. I found piles of them on clearance for less than half what I would otherwise have to pay. So OF COURSE I had to get 11 of them! *wink* (if you happen to be on this blog and super interested in markers I have a big write up on my Erin K Creations blog).

When we got home we put the kids to their naps and Brian went outside. I was going to organize my new markers, when he came in with Charlotte in his arms. She had been bitten. It was terrible, puss oozing wound, not even bleeding, just stinky puss. I've never seen anything like that. So we got the kids back up and took her to the Emergency Vet down the road and she had to have a shunt put in and stitches and shaved. It's all very gross. I have to take her back TWO MORE TIMES to get the shunt and stitches out. It's all very expensive and depressing. She does not seem to be in pain which boggles my mind but I'm glad. She's sleeping in the laundry room for now, that shunt means she's just dripping bloody eww stuff everywhere so she's not allowed in the rest of the house.

Today I woke up feeling really stinky. Brian took Stephen to church and me and Ethan napped all afternoon. I still feel yucky but will be ok.

I hope you all had nice Easters and that you feel the love of our Savior all throught the year and especially today.

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