Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here are pics of Stephen and Ethan opening Stpehen's Birthday Presents! He got a book from Brian and I and a car and a cool tablet thing from my mom. He loves them all. The tablet is probably his favorite thing ever. You draw on it and it's sorta like an etch-a-sketch only it has Elmo and CookieMonster on it. He actually slept with it for bedtime and naptime. He's a nut! The car is cool it drives itself and knows when it hits a wall to back up. Ethan thinks it's magic I think and he loves it soooo much. Stephen likes it bunches too but really Ethan loves it best. They have all their stuff together anyhow so that's fine.

Well some other stuff happened but it wasn't cool so I'll leave that out! Everyone have a great day. Oh here's pics:

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stephen!! Wow! 2 already?

Cinda and Ander