Saturday, April 05, 2008

Garage Sale and other great deals... AKA ERIN GETS SPOILED

This weekend was great! Yesterday my mom and Jack drove down. I fed them a nice dinner, which was a real pleasure to be able to do. This morning we got up and went to a huge neighborhood garage sale. We got a TON and took photos.
Me and the tots looking for bargains.
Ethan and his Grampy Jack.
Me and my boys walking from one sale to the next. Ethan rocking the monkey leash.
A digital video camera! It works and everything, it was new. We have no idea why he was selling this, but whatever. So soon I can put video on here. :)
Maps for the boys and a thing about how a frog's life cycle. These are in storage behind my dresser right now, I'm going to use them when the boys are a bit older.
A pink Jaguars hat for me, sticker still on it, child hinge door gaurds for the closet in the kids room, a drying rack and a laundry basket. Sorta boring, but good useful stuff. I think those are my feet too, but I've had them for years, didn't just get them. Oh a Tony Dungee book and a propane lamp too.
This strange thing is a CD tower. It is hand made and not sanded or painted. Well it wasn't, I already painted it. I've put it in my craft area and will hold my unmounted stamps in it. I keep them in CD Cases so they will be perfect and this will hold plenty of them. Best part? It fit perfectly in the spot I had in mind. I painted it the wall color *dark red* so it looks built in! LOVE it.

Kickboards. They were five cents each. I'm going to start teaching Stephen to swim this year and kickboards is a part of my plan.
Books and games and a movie. *HEY! that movie is not for us, Mom, did you get that movie back?* That "Body" book is the awesome kind with overlays and even a CDROM and it was a quarter. Heck, almost all this stuff was a quarter.
This was my idea, feather dusters! I figure they can "help" me dust with these. I got an unopened box of crows *licorice candy* there too. I love licorice, crows are ok, but not strong enough I like really, REALLY strong stuff, anyone know any? Please provide a link. *wink*
We got a computer for the boys *we have one great one from Christmas, but they fight over it, so for $3 I got a second, this one is bigger kid stuff, but they seem to find stuff to do. There are some other goodies here the kids picked out. My mom and Jack are unable to say no it seems, but just look at the joy!
Clothes, shoes, socks and other odds and ends. The shoes all look almost new and were fifty cent a pair! SCORE!

At lunch a very nice man had this Harley. Well when the boys oooh'ed and awwww'ed over it he said, "Would you like to sit on it?" and then he asked if we had a camera, Mom did!

After lunch my mom took me to Bealls and bought me a ton of clothes. Nice shorts, a beautiful skirt *seriously, it's the nicest thing I own* and tops. FUN stuff. Also we didn't take boys and we DID take Marcia, so it was super fun girl time.



Jen said...

Great finds Erin!

And love the pics of the boys on the Hog!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ... you know how to find the good stuff! Sounds like a fun day. That's way cool that they Harley guy let the kids sit on his bike. What a nice man! Yay for a fun weekend! ~TJ

BeckyB said...

Super fun- I love garage sales! I have to say, the thing I notcied most was how beautiful and green everything is where you are! I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl/shadoob here from the Stamp Shack. Your boys are soooo cute. You had one successful day at garage sales!
As for Licorice, I LOVE black REAL licorice and buy it at a store in my town by the name of Au Marche. Their website is:
If you call them and speak with the owner, she is really nice and will probably send you whatever you want. She'll ask you if you like the salty kind (Zout) or sweet, hard or soft. You may want to try an assortment first. My favorite is the salty kind and firm but not real hard. I like the Klene Bodemvondsten stuff.
Oh heck, this is a blog in itself- sorry. email me if you want me to send you some.