Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Disney's MGM Studio

Oh and Disney is trying to call it "Hollywood Studios" now, which I think is lame to change the name of a park but whatever, same place.

We went to MGM yesterday! It was stinking fun. Unfortunately the boys woke themselves up at around 6, so they crashed and burned a little early. Perhaps I will have to NOT mention that we are going somewhere super cool next time.

The first thing we did was ride the Tower of Terror! Me and Stephen I mean. He was a little scared but he loved it anyhow. If you are inclined then call us and let him tell you about it, he is super funny when he tells it. I can't type what he says, he does sound effects. He's definately a thrill seeker.

This first photo is of the boys meeting characters from Little Einstines TV show. I don't know their names. Stephen calls them, "the red one" and "the yellow one". There were a lot more characters hanging out at MGM than the other parks. (You may remember my complaining about that in my other Disney park reports)

Next we have a look of wonder on Stephen's face. We are in a show called "Playhouse Disney" Stephen KNOWS that we saw the REAL Mickey Mouse Club House, the REAL Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny, Little Einstiens and so on. The other ones that you can meet and hug are "Characters". He leaned to me and said "Wow Mommy, that's the REAL Mickey Mouse, not a character!" The "real" guys were puppets and smaller than the hugely oversized characters.. not sure if that's what made them so real? This is the real Handy Manny.
Here we are on the Studio Backlot Tour, right before all heck breaks loose.
All heck breaks loose
And terror ensues We found out that Ethan is no fan of special effects that have fire, loud noises and such. Especially gun ones, he really doesn't like those. We also learned that if he's scared he will either hold his blankie over his face or hold your hand over his face until he feels brave again.

Being very scared is tired business.

Stephen had a little rest too. *not asleep, note open eye*Who are these people you ask? I don't know. This was the closest we got to Mickey Mouse, but they had to cut off the line on us so we didn't get to meet him. But Stephen saw him and wanted me to take a photo. I did later ride a ride with these people, they were with me in line. They seemed nice. It's a small world after all.They had a collection of outstanding Alice in Wonderland art. I love this one. That's about all. It was a nice day. We stayed until the 10pm showing of Fantasmic and that was good. Ethan thought a lot of it was scary, and Stephen slept through it, but I liked it. :)

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