Monday, December 03, 2007

New format and tags

Ok, there is a new addition to this blog

Stephenisms. If Ethan starts putting more than one word together and making sentences he will get his own tags. The tags are the lables at the end of the posts. I will type, "Stephenism" when that's one, then later you can click that and get ALL the cute things together.

These posts will be WAY more frequent than my normal postings because they come up almost every day. I tell my friends and they all say, "Erin you HAVE to write this down". So instead of that I'm gonna type them here and we can all enjoy them.

Ok, Stephenism number one:

Stephen is eating goldfish crackers in a bowl and comes up to me.

I want one of course (they are like crack)

I say, "Can I have a cracker?"

S: No

M: Please

S: I guess nope

M: Well then you are a stinker fart

S: Well then I'm a sninker fart, but you no have crackers

I guess he told me

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