Monday, August 27, 2007

More cute pics

So Stephen and Ethan LOVE it when I vacuume. (is that right? spell check says so but it looks so wrong?) Anyhow they love it. I have that horrible... I mean adorable popper toy that they push and it goes, Pop! POP, POP. you know the one? Well anyhow today at Goodwill I found a fake vacuume! It was adorable, it's a dirt devil, lights up and makes vroom vroom noises! So I bought it for $4!

I baked during nap time for my last cake class tomorrow and when I got the boys up I was still wearing my apron. Stephen wanted to know what it was and then wanted to wear one so I let him.

here's pics: (still have snotty noses, you must love them anyhow)

So there is this Mommy and Me apron class at Joannes, I have this new fixation on aprons... will it fem Stephen up too much if I go to it and make him an apron for when he "Helps" me clean? I figure he can use it for messy crafts too ya know? Let me know.

For my family you can let me know by hitting "comments" and then LEAVING ONE! SHEESH! you'd think no one was interested in these cute kids!

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Ms Lis said...

AAAAWWWWHHHH They are adorable