Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cute words for today.

So me and Stephen have colds. It sucks.

Stephen was feeling a bit better after some medicine and comes up to me (I'm on the couch)

S: Mommy I'm happy, Thankyou.

Me: Awww, (burst into tears)

Later Ethan (who barely talks at all)

"Waaaaaafle MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

closest thing to a sentence yet!

Then when Brian gets home he gets all over him and over and over and over, "Daddad, daddad!" He was all in love with him, it was super cute.

then Stephen said something about Costco and it was bedtime.

*we love costco*

I ate Taco Bell tonight, it was horrid, I officially do not eat Taco Bell... EVER. I might be ill.

No pics tonight, sorry.

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