Friday, August 24, 2007

I love Costco.

Today was another Costco day! :) gotta love that.

I took pictures, because I sure want to memoralize my favorite place in scrapbook form:

Oh and how do I look? I lost 5 lbs in the past month. :) I'm pretty excited. Plenty more to go though, but progress is the key. Stephen is indeed eating a bowl of sourkrout (how on earth do I spell that?) in that picture. He loves it.
OH guess what they sell at Costco? The 475 watt KitchenAid stand up mixer! I'm in love! Have I mentioned to any of you that I'm after that Mixer? I gotta save my pennies!
I'm still making cakes for class and friends and having a good time. I've been really good and only had one or at most two slices of any cake I've made, I send the rest to Brian's work. They all seem happy with this plan.
We are all doing well, Stephen had a resurgance of his cold, but it seems under control.
Oh cute conversation today:
Me: What color is your shirt (we are learning colors)
S: Purple! (which as you can see in the pics is wrong)
Me: No baby it's Red, purple is a different color from Red.
S: Why mommy?
Me: um.... I don't know...
How does one answer these questions? Why IS purple, purple and red, red? Do I say, "Because purple has a bit of blue in it in additon to the red hue and that makes it purple." I mean what do you tell a 2 year old about color theory?
Later today while getting him in his bed for naptime he leaned forward and LICKED my shirt (I thought he was coming in for a hug, I don't GENERALLY let people lick me) and said, "mmmm Mommy, yummy T-Shirt". It was, of course, my turn to ask "Why?" He had no answer for me.
Oh and apparently I talk about KitchenAid mixers too much, Stephen said, "Mixer" when I visited the one at Costco today. hehe.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh EK our boys are super duper cute!!!


ellie said...

Erin, such cute pictures. The boys are adorable.

Ms Lis said...

Boy are they growing