Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting Better

Well I'm feeling lots better. It has been terribly hard. I've had great support though so that is fantastic. I think I'm pretty much done with the random crying and stuff.

And family is what matters most right now. Like this adorable Mr.Potato Head Family Ethan and my mom made today. Of course then Ethan got very serious and asked Grammy for a "baby potato" because he feels like the family isn't done until it gets a baby. (He REALLY wants a baby.) But how cute? I think I'm pretty much on track for Christmas. I have one small sewing project to finish up. All storebought presents are done. I heard Santa still needs help wrapping his stuff so I might help him with some of that. All my stuff is under the tree. Today was Stephen's Christmas Party at school and he doesn't go back until Jan 4th. I'm looking forward to having him all day. I really like his school, but I like spending my days with him even more.

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